Koh Samet, Thailand: Pros & Cons.

We love Koh Samet but no island is perfect. So here’s a look at the good and bad sides of Koh Samet.

Pros of a small, tropical island close to Bangkok Koh Samet’s PROS are mostly related to location (close to Bangkok) and beach quality

Koh Samet is a favourite beach escape for Thai students and families, and is now being discovered by increasing numbers of foreign visitors. . . . . Full review here

Koh Samet Guide

Koh Samet Ferries and Island Guide
Guide to Koh Samet ( Ko Samed )

Blessed with the softest, whitest sand within easy reach of Bangkok, the tiny island of Koh Samet, is a favourite escape for Thais, expats and tourists.

Such is the attractiveness of this 6Km long island, that over 300 years ago it was the inspiration behind classical Thai Poet Sunthorn Phu’s masterpiece Phra Aphai Mani ( A 30,000 line epic saga of Princes, Mermaids and Giants ). . . . . Full review here